Mexico – Lake Chapala Area, March 2018

Less than an hour bus ride out of Guatemala, the Lake Chapala Area – Lake Chapala, Ajijiic, Jocotepec and San Antonio, is a nice mix of locals, native tourists, and some ex-pats. Each town has a malecon with its’ own unique qualities. Walking and riding local buses are easy ways to get around. Local farmer’s markets, celebrations, and great restaurants, along with its’ mild area, make this one of my favorites.

Because of the great people I have met through AirBnB, my visits become the start of new friendships and the ideal way to get to know all about an area quickly. I stayed most of the time in San Antonio, a tiny villa sandwiched between Lake Chapala and Ajijiic. My host introduced me to friends, other travelers, and wonderful places to visit, such as the night club for older ex-pats where live vintage rock rolled on through the night. I stay in contact with new friends through social media and look forward to returning.

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