Welcome to Selah Travel, Adventure, and Other Random Stuff.

Selah Travel & Adventure Stories started out as a place to record some of my favorite travel & adventure experiences.

Then I started added other things. Random stuff. Just because that’s fun for me.

Stories, pictures, and poems. Any subject I’m interested in at the moment.

Stop in and take a look around. Make a statement or suggestion.

Travel Stories

Enjoy scenery and stories of travel.

Feel free to use any of the pics

Camel Trek in the Sahara

Our Pets

The Misadventures of Allie and Her New Humans

We all love our pets. Why not share your stories or pics?

Sky Diving in Oregon

Short Stories of Outdoor Adventures

Wild Horse Encounter

Hunting, fishing stories with a personal viewpoint

I love being outside. Especially with others. These stories center around the beauty and enjoyment I find in the wild.

poems of beauty and darkness

A Random Assortment of Other Things: Poems, education articles and anything else that doesn’t fit neatly anywhere else.

This is where I drop things that just came to my mind, or I’m exploring.


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