Why Selah Travel and Adventure Stories?

Hi! I’m Steve. I’ve created this site because I enjoy sharing experiences. Life is amazing, wonderful, difficult, and messy. I’ve been blessed to experience many amazing and challenging things. So why not share? Why “Selah”? I chose “Selah” because the meaning relates to taking a break. Some say it’s a pause built into the Psalms. Others say it means to pause, reflect. I like that. We would all benefit from stopping to reflect on our lives, and on the glory and greatness of our Lord. My preferred ways to pause, reflect and appreciate this wonderful, messy life are to either travel, or to be out in the wild. Triple Yahtzee! if I can travel, out to the wild locations, and be of service to others.

Look, I’m no travel blogger. Though sometimes I come up with some great tips for ya! I travel cheap and light. Ideally, and often, I spend no more than $10/day. But that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about sharing those great experiences with the people and the places I stumble into.

And I write about anything else on my mind. I have a wide range of interest, such as education, health, copywriting, and science. So look around and join in the conversation. I hope you enjoy the stories, articles,  pics, and poems. They’re here to entertain. To entice you to take a break.

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