Poems and Other Randomness

Poems, education articles, and everything that doesn’t fit nearly into travel or adventure.

A Step Out of Oaxaca

I decided to take a drive around to visit some of the sites suggested by my Airbnb host. On the list is Santa Ana del Valle – to see a popular church and the community, Benito Juarez – a national park with camping, hiking, and beautiful scenery high in the mountains, and close by is…

A Ride On An Awe-Inspiring River

Chiapa de Corzo, less than an hour out of San Cristobal De Las Casas, Chiapas, is a must-see destination. I rarely remember much about any of the areas I visit. I know, that’s kind of sad. Don’t judge. So when I do remember a particular place it must have really caused my soul to stir.…

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