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This is Why We Make Hard Choices

It may not be popular, or easy, but we have to stick to doing what’s right for our students’ sake. The Battle Begins “You’re not going to tell us what to do. You’re not our f’ing coach!” My heart quickened. My eyes widened as a lump formed in my throat. “Excuse me?” I drooled out. […]

How I lost My Job but Saved My Integrity

Are you willing to be fired over doing the right thing? “Are you willing to fire a coach if needed?” “Of course”. The words jumped out. The Superintendent and others on the interview panel smiled. I felt like I had won the lottery. This was going to be the launching of my career. Assistant Principal/Athletic […]

On Amazon

What a pleasant, uplifting blessing! My poem , “My Beautiful Things” was published in Written Tales Magazine 1, available in paperback and Kindle. Kevin Saitta has created a wonderful collection of poems and flash fiction, centered around renewal, by writers from around the globe. Flip through “Renewal” to be inspired and moved.

This Is the Life-Changing Reason Why I’ll Write

It’s time to change my reality. God has a plan. For my good, And His glory. Not a dream, But a plan To remold my mind And shape my future. To make this journey I will write. I’ll write of courage, To make the changes God wills for my life. I’ll write of love, The greatest force […]

New Release of My Duck Log App

My Duck Log is back for 2020 with a whole new design! After six of months of working and reworking, my most popular duck hunting app is back on the App Store for iPhones. The My Duck Log app was one of the leaders for its’ niche for several years. But to be fair, that’s […]

A Moment to Decide

The taking of a life should never be an easy decision As I drew my weapon It’s what I knew I had to do Instinct mixed with Training The time I feared had drawn down on me As I looked down the sight On that dark rainy night The lights went out I stood alone […]


KITCHEN: TIME: European 60 to 90 minutes INGREDIENTS: Potatoes 5-6 pcs. Eggplant 2-3 pcs. Tomatoes 4 pcs. Meat (beef) 0.5 kg Onion 1 pc. Milk 1 liter… Gingerwithknife – gingerale kitchen Thanks for sharing one of my favorite dishes 😋 Moussaka

How’s your waking-The why behind the question

I don’t remember where we heard it, but it hit home as being a much more meaningful way to show the care we have for each other. It digs deeper if we don’t just accept one word responses like “fine“ or “okay” . How we wake Sets up our day. We get to choose how […]

How Do You Meet the Morning?

How was your waking? What were your first thoughts As the veil lifted And your being shifted to today? Could you feel me near? Or was I further than the stars from the day? Tell me of your waking Does your heartbeat soft? As a whisper Or a tear? Will you have hope, And move […]