Mexico Summer 2021

I’m just beginning to work on sharing some of the wonderful adventures experienced in two different trips this summer and thought I might as well get started by playing around with a little bit about San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico.

That wasn’t my first trip to Mexico this summer. In June we travelled to Buceria, Sayulita, San Pancho, and the Puerto Vallarta area in June. During those eleven days we learned to surf, swam with dolphins in the bay, rode horses high into the jungle, and more. I’ll have more about those adventures soon.

During this current trip which began July 24, I ventured out to Puerto Escondido. After just a few days there I was ready to escape the heat and humidity of the coast, so I rented a car and headed toward San Cristobal De Las Casas, which is in the mountains. My journey here lasted two days because I checked out a few places along the coast during the first day. Of course, details of that will also follow soon. But let me move onto the reason for this post.

I had no plan today other than to hike up to two locations. After that, I was just going to ramble about. I used the app “Gaia” to mark my journey along the way. I’m just learning to use it and hopefully it will help me to record greater details and to make your next visit to a new area much easier.

So follow the link, below, to see some photos as I meandered through the old Center of town.

Be sure to increase the map’s scale so you can get the details. Your map should look like this after you zoom in.

Be sure to toggle to “Full Screen”

Click on this link, below, to open the interactive map where you’ll find details of my trek.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction. If you did, be sure to give it a bunch of claps! and stay tuned for much, much more to come.

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