A Taste of Oaxaca City Centro

After an 11-hour drive from San Cristobal to Oaxaca, I was ready to unload at my AirBnB. Unfortunately, neither Google Maps nor Apple Map could get me to the location. And this is just another reason why I adore Mexican citizens.

My host went way out of her way to get me to her casita. Her father volunteered to rescue me by walking the half mile where I waited in my rental car. I settled in, walked to the little tienda around the corner for some papas and a tea. I was hoping to get a cerveza, but national elections were that day so no alcohol could be sold.

I chose a quick walk about Centro to get a look at the area. Follow the link to tag along with me as I wander through Centro. The highlights include brightly colored buildings, cobblestone streets, magnificent buildings, and a huge market place where I grabbed some fresh fruits and tasted some of the local street foods.


Be sure to enlargen and zoom in so you can click on the photos as you follow my path.

Your map should look like this:

A quick walk about Centro, Oaxaca

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I’ll have much more to share about this summers’ journeys in Mexico as time permits. For now, it’s time to go visit an ancient site with pyramid remains.

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