15 days on the Emerald Isle is just a tease! We immediately fell in love with Ireland when, after landing in Dublin and checking into our AirBnB, we hit our first pub. It wasn’t the Guinness or the music that hooked us. It’s true that Ireland is a land of incredible beauty and fine craft beer. Sorry, not excited about the food. No, the thing that makes Ireland such a must place to visit is the people! From that very first night, we were blessed with meeting incredibly warm, kind, and chatty people. What out as a short walk around ended up a fun-filled night of laughing and cheer with a local lad of 19 years and his 26 yo buddy from Spain. We knew we were in for a great trip!

Ready for narrow roads and blind corners?

I’ll share a few special moments on the posts that follow. There is so much to Ireland that I will have sections on castles, the cliffs of Moher, friends, She-la-na-gig hunting and more!

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