The Pounding of Prison Silence

Somewhere between a pursued darkness and persistent light, swirling in stillness I swim in possibilities of tomorrow.

With closed eyes, I move with my breath as my chest floats down and draws back up.

Offstage, their shock muffled by familiarity, the thunderous pounding of stone and steel relentlessly shut out lost freedom.

Though I remain in steady calmness, aware of my induced isolation.

Suddenly I’m jolted straight off the cold, dead stone below.

Defibrillation not of my heart, but rather a shock through my soul, powerfully kicking me up with a squeeze so tight I miss a breath.

A cry to wake up, to live, not fall into despair’s grip of monotony nor fear for what’s unknown.

My chest floats down. I linger in the swirling stillness. I know I’m alive.

Tomorrow waits on the fringe of hope.