Love’s Delicate Thread

Thread — silk, clear and light
supporting cradling holding
not restricting
free to release.
Out of the blue of heavenly heights
through quietly beating hearts
wrapping around and around
pulling in tight
straight up
through tomorrow’s hidden eyes.
Thread — silk, clear and light
On a cushion of grass, this cradling blanket
easing memories
The scent of blue sky, warm breeze
caresses my drifting thoughts
the memories soak deep.
Thread — silk, clear and light
Your glistening eyes deep in my soul
hold hope behind the tears
I hear the whisper on wings floating by
“Hold on for tomorrow’s dreams –
stitched joy blooms again.”

One comment

  1. Very poetic💕 nice!!

    On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 10:49 PM Pause and Enjoy! wrote:

    > Selah Travels posted: ” A short love poem Use this link to read this and > other poems by me (Steven James) on Medium. Please clap (up to 25X), share, > comment, etc… if you enjoyed it. That’s how I get paid 😉 Thanks for > being here! ” >


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