This Is What Shaped My Life

Our Wonderful and Terrible Experiences Define Us. These are a few of mine.

Fear trembling through the voice of a child abandoned by her addicted mother

Wonder inching closer to heaven atop mountains in Ecuador

The last breath of a fallen soldier held in my arms

The sorrow in a child’s eyes

The Love in a mother’s heart

Joy from a kind word

Pride in a homeless man

Beauty from the hands of the Masters

Relief for the return of a missing child

The bottom of a prison bunk

Loss so sudden it buckled my knees

Kindness as an extended hand

The thrill of sailing an expanse of open sky

Compassion at the foot of an empty bed

Faith trudging through ashes

Hope in a rising balloon reaching up to the fallen angel who will be seen again

The Tears of shame as confession is unveiled

Insecurity curled up in the pit of night, under a freeway crossing

Smiles passed along with platters that united a family once torn

Rage as a rallied cry on the lawn of the White House

The laughter of friends gathered close

The excitement of dangling on a rope 90 feet above solid ground

Dreams of flying with joy as the night hours pass

Danger sidestepped as bullets rang out

Gratitude for a moment in the sun

The empty eyes of a child ravaged by parasites

Loyalty standing for a friend beat down by others

Impossible promises fulfilled

Love without question

These are but moments of life.

And all of these served me well.

Meaning, wonder, joy, and appreciation.

I’ve been blessed to know them all.

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