I Was Shocked by the Increase of Views

So you think the number of views you get will help, do you?

How about if you raise your views by 470 % over one weekend? That would be awesome, right? It certainly shocked me.

Doesn’t that big of a gain mean you made it. You found the secret. You are on your way to Medium stardom. Possibly.

I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know shit about how Medium works, why I thought I should write here, or how to go about making more than $0.02/month. Sure, I’ve read a lot about what others do to make some dough. And I’ll keep researching and experimenting. I’m a fledgling. A baby. Beginner. Snot-nosed old man with time on his hands.

I waste that time a lot. Well, according to prolific writers who you should be reading. I half-heartedly attempt to raise followers by doing dumb-ass things like ‘follow for follow’. Nonsense.

I should just write. And for me, not the crap that I think is lame. I’m not interested. Don’t get me wrong, you guys and gals who are so good at this can make anything interesting. And you put out a lot of it. I just can’t do it. Not that I won’t keep trying. Maybe.

And that’s been the problem. I don’t want to niche down. I like writing about whatever pops up in my squirrel-chasing brain. See, I’ve totally left you high and dry about how I raised my views by 470%.

Alrighty then. You’ve been patient. And I’ve got to write a couple of reviews, so here it is. Drum roll… I wrote a 3-line response to an article that deserved its’ huge number of views by someone who is actually gifted.

Yep. A 470% increase in Views by writing three lines. Did it do anything for me? Haha, sure. It got my ego excited for 30 seconds. See, I released a story that day. I always have grand illusions that someone might read, clap, and share. I’ve read about others having huge success and thought

“Why not me?” I am being paid to write stories on other formats.”

And, who knows, maybe it piqued interest in one or two people enough to have them check out my profile or an article. Perhaps that comment is what led to a few new followers.

If nothing else, it got me thinking. That’s a good thing. It’s now clear to me what I want to do and why. That is more important than Views or Claps.

Oh, don’t let that last thought stop you. Clap away!

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