This Is Why You Should Ask These 10 Difficult Questions

Facebook is full of puzzles, ID tests, and questions that claim to be hard.
But those questions have definite answers that can be found by searching the internet.
So why do we take the challenges and post the results for others to see? Are we looking for validation? Filling our time with avoidance? Is it our attempt to be sociable? To let others know who we are?
Life’s full of questions we try to answer. The most difficult questions have answers we can’t know and are different for each of us. They’re the questions we often ask silently when we hurt, are lost, or feeling anxious.
Attempting to answer them alone can lead to more questions and anxiety. Or, it may lead to enlightenment, helping us to understand our purpose and those around us. Inevitably though, few of us will seek to find an ultimate or right answer.
We leave them unanswered because they are difficult or ambiguous, and we realize we have biases that get in the way. By ourselves, we tend to give up or leave them dangling. However, by sharing your questions, you can shine a light beyond your own darkness.
Sharing with someone you love may not give you the answer, but it will bring you intimacy. You can gain more than insight when you open up with someone else. It brings an open invitation to vulnerability. To honesty. It bonds us with each other. Sharing them with someone will answer the question about how much you love them.
Confide in someone today. Invite them to give and grow with you. Schedule time together to discuss one or two of the questions listed below. Follow up next week with any new insights or changes to your thoughts. Then discuss one or two more. Rinse and repeat.
> Why can’t I stop…?
> Why does God allow…?
> Am I good enough?
> Why am I afraid…?
> Will he/she/you love me when…?
> How will life be different in ten years?
> How do I tell them/you…?
> Why won’t he/she …?
> What makes me special?
> What will they remember/say about me when I’m gone?
Go further. Make up your own questions. Change the questions into statements. Have fun. Be creative, and most of all, be kind while being honest.
You can help others by posting your questions in the comments section.

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