Will it Matter if I Write Today?

IfI write today

How would my words express what moves inside

How would the light shine

How could the movement of my fingers match feelings in my heart

IfI don’t know what lingers there

Is it so much that the thoughts wrestle on the floors of my mind

or so small to escape the emptiness

Perhaps fear holds them against blank walls

Maybe they’re lazy

IfI write today

Will anyone care

Can my words touch your soul?

Would it matter to anyone at all

IfI write today

Will the joy of my life unfold

Will my faith and hope illuminate any dark halls

Will there be a change

IfI can’t write today

Would I imprison my thoughts

Would I leave behind a stitch in my heart

Would I allow fears to grip to clasp a little tighter

Nomatter what comes of it

I will release what scrapes inside

I will write today.

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