4 Reasons Why You Will Love Hiking

It’s Cheap and Simple

There’s not much needed to go out on a hike. Prepare for the weather and plan how long you’ll be out.

A few essentials include a light backpack to carry snacks, water, and a first-aid kit. Comfy and sturdy shoes designed for the terrain and conditions.

Sunny days may require sunscreen, shorts, a hat, a light weight shirt and water.

Bringing your best friend? Make sure you have a leash, extra water and a bowl. I recommend a collapsible one.

Cool or rain? No problem. A light jacket, and an extra layer of clothes that you can easily store in your backpack or around your waist.

photo by Luis Quintero

Do it anywhere

Whether you’re in a city or out in the mountains, there’s always an adventure waiting for you. Hiking gives you the time to slow down and really experience the area.

Make a plan for where you’re headed and, let someone know that plan. Download your route so you can see it offline, or carry a paper map with you. It’s just as easy to get lost in a new city as it is in the wilderness.

You’ll experience so much more about an area you hike in. Visiting a new city can be stressful when you have little time. Plan to cut down the number of places you have to see, or add additional time to your travel plans.

A hike in the day is a much different experience for that same route when you do it at night.

Start Any Time

A wonderful benefit of hiking is you can start at any pace, for any distance, and build up your strength over the timeline that works for you.

Just like any other form of exercise or sport, you’ll need to plan ahead for longer, more difficult excursions. Start slow and build up for that trek up the mountains.

photo by Pixabay

Create a Healthier You

Hiking can increase muscle density, increase oxygen uptake, slow your heart rate and help lower your blood pressure. But it’s much more than that.

Hiking, in any environment, can help you to relax. It provides time to think, and to appreciate the beauty around you. 

Learn how to meditate as you walk. Simply be aware of your body, your breaths, the sights, sounds and smells of every step. Feel your feet lift up and move forward. Listen to your breathing as it moves in and out your nose.

Stop when you see a flower, a bird floating above, or a child playing. Let yourself enjoy those moments. Recognize them and move on.

What’s stopping you?

Think you don’t have time? Twenty minutes three times a week will get you started and will immediately have you enjoying the benefits.

Get up early, go during lunch, or grab a friend in the evening to walk around wherever you are.

It is a special place!

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