Volcano Boarding! climb up, get on a piece of wood with a metal bottom and fly down the side of an active volcano over 700meters! Cerro Negro is located near the city of Leon. Learn more.

-Pacific Side

I wanted a special surprise anniversary gift. Our own beach house on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua provided a simple, intimate answer. While the location was remote, adding many hours of driving, it was perfect!

The house rented for $50/night. We rented a car (ever have to swerve away from people lying in the street at night? or, avoid running over a horse?), shared a couple of days with a good friend whom I met on a People to People summer trip through Europe, slid down a volcano, had a private lake cruise ($25), spent 3 hours on horseback ($25), had massages, drank poolside at the little resort down the beach, played on Boogey Boards, ate great food(ask about the armed guard!), and wandered through Granada. —More to follow

Lake Managua – a relaxed ride around the lake where, on tiny islands, people live. Abundant wildlife and gorgeous sunsets.

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